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At Jewells Family Wellness Centre, we believe that every person has an amazing inborn potential to naturally be happy, healthy and prosperous.

About Us

We offer a holistic and natural approach to health at our modern, open plan healing centre. We encourage all people (from the day old child to the great great grandma) to come and assess their health of their nerves, spine, body and mind.

We offer safe and effective chiropractic, massage and psychology services for all ages with specific and personalised care plans.
Our purpose is to educate, inspire and provide the highest quality care to allow the body and mind to heal itself and to regulate its own function…. just the way it was designed to.

"The power that makes the body, heals the body."
- Dr B. J. Palmer

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Our Services

Chiropractic care is a primary health profession that assesses the health of the spine and the function of the nerve system.

Our nerve system is vitally important to every single bodily function. This includes (but not limited to) sleep, mood, energy, digestions, breathing, laughing, walking, moving our limbs and so on. The list is almost endless.

Our highly trained chiropractor will do an assessment to determine the health of your spine and nerves and give you a personalised approach to get you back to your best as soon as possible and work on keeping you there.
Massage therapy is a hands on manual therapy to help soften, release, and treat injured, tight and tired soft tissues of the body.
These include muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and skin. With the use of scientific techniques the encompass combinations of kneading, compressions, frictions, strokes and targeted stretching with varying degrees of pressure and movement to achieve optimal results.

Our Team

Dr Jimmy Fay - Chiropractor

Dr Jimmy Fay is a chiropractor who is passionate about the health and well being of everyone.

Growing up, Dr Jimmy was surround by a family afflicted with chronic spinal issues. He wanted to find a treatment that would address the underlying cause of the problem, as opposed to simply masking the symptoms with a pill or ointment.

In doing this he found the amazing world of chiropractic care.

“The most amazing thing about being a chiropractor, is being able to help guide people from a very tough point in their lives, to a life that is filled with happiness and excitement. Being part of this is a very special thing”

Dr Jimmy is passionate about helping people of all ages to fulfil their greatest potential and to get them back doing the things that mean the most to them, with the people they love.

Maddie Lance - Remedial Massage Therapist

Maddie is a passionate remedial massage therapist who has always had a keen interest in health care and the desire to help others. Due to her in-depth understanding of anatomy, she has a result focused approach to assisting clients with injury, pain, and overall health and wellbeing. She uses various massage and stretching techniques to get the best outcomes for all of her clients.

Maddie also works with elite sports teams, including A-League and various NRL teams such as our beloved Newcastle Knights. 

Chelsea Foster - Remedial Massage Therapist

Chelsea is a remedial massage therapist who grew up in Lake Macquarie in a health and fitness world, competing in gymnastics and trampolining from a young age. She has a keen interest in anatomy and the intricacies of human physiology. Chelsea studied both fitness and remedial massage through TAFE to gain a better understanding of the human body and now enjoys helping people overcome their physical issues and providing them the opportunity to live a healthy life through preventative care.

One of her many passions lies within pre-natal massage and helping women and mums-to-be enjoy a relaxing (as can be) pregnancy, and she has found that massage through this period to be incredibly beneficial for both mums and their babies.

When she is not working, Chelsea enjoys writing, reading, travelling and teaching herself to rollerblade again without injuring herself.

Renae - Office Manager

Renae leads a very busy and active life and has experienced firsthand the kinds of amazing lifestyle changes that can be accomplished through regular chiropractic care and massage.

Renae has loved watching the business build and grow from the first day to the holistic health centre it has become for the community. She loves coming to work in such a welcoming and enthusiastic environment, and is incredibly thankful that she gets to be a part of the healing process of the clients.

Outside of work, Renae’s interests include martial arts, travel, reading, music and art.

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