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At Jewells Family Wellness Centre, we believe that every person has an amazing inborn potential to naturally be happy, healthy and prosperous.


Chiropractic care is a primary health profession that assesses the health of the spine and the function of the nerve system.

Our nerve system is vitally important to every single bodily function. This includes (but not limited to) sleep, mood, energy, digestions, breathing, laughing, walking, moving our limbs and so on. The list is almost endless.

Our highly trained chiropractor will do an assessment to determine the health of your spine and nerves and give you a personalised approach to get you back to your best as soon as possible and work on keeping you there.

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Absolutely! Chiropractic care has been thoroughly investigated for years, even by an Australian royal commission which found that chiropractic care is not only extremely safe, but very effective and extremely popular with people of all ages. Chiropractic in one of the safest health care approaches in the world.

It depends on what you mean by “fix”. As a chiropractor, I look to not only remove your pain and discomfort, but also give you the tools to look after yourself and prevent you from getting sick or sore later down the track. Each person is different and will require a personalized treatment plan.

Most definitely! Chiropractic is very safe and helpful for all ages. New born babies may have misalignment of their spine following a traumatic birth. If uncorrected this may cause problems further down the track. Having an aligned spine allows for full and correct development.

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